Thiago Lehmann FB Other Chaos (Wh FB) Chaos Warrior ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

Thiago Lehmann,FB Other,Warhammer Fantasy,Warhammer FB,фэндомы,Chaos (Wh FB),Chaos Warrior

Thomas Elliott artist Daughters of Khaine Grand Alliance Order Age of Sigmar Idoneth Deepkin хайрез репост Morathi Dark Elves ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

Репост этого и этого постов в хайрез и без лого 

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"Morathi Ascension"

"Got another action packed battle scene for you all. This one is for Age of Sigmar Broken Realms and has the Idoneth trying to put a stop to Morathi’s ritual."


Hou jae 04 Alarielle the Radiant High Elves ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

\' ' / , QO V,Hou jae 04,Alarielle the Radiant,High Elves,Warhammer Fantasy,Warhammer FB,фэндомы

ohnarev artist Greenskins FB Песочница Empire Halberdiers Empire (Wh FB) Grimgor Ironhide ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

ohnarev,artist,Greenskins,Warhammer Fantasy,Warhammer FB,FB Песочница,фэндомы,Empire Halberdiers,Empire (Wh FB),Grimgor Ironhide

Thomas Elliott artist Grand Alliance Chaos Age of Sigmar FB Песочница Chaos Warrior Chaos (Wh FB) Chaos Spawn (Wh FB) ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

Slaves to Darkness, Path to Glory
Thomas Elliott,artist,Grand Alliance Chaos,Age of Sigmar,Warhammer Fantasy,Warhammer FB,FB Песочница,фэндомы,Chaos Warrior,Chaos (Wh FB),Chaos Spawn (Wh FB)

"This was the very first picture I did for Age Of Sigmar. It was a real rush contributing to a franchise that ive held in such high esteem since a young chap. The goal of this picture was to show to dual paths of pursuing glory with chaos. Ether to become a champion and possibly a demon prince for the dark Gods or to be mutated beyond all recognition as a spawn. Would you take the path to Glory?"

govy9807 artist High Elves FB Песочница ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

govy9807,artist,High Elves,Warhammer Fantasy,Warhammer FB,FB Песочница,фэндомы

Thomas Elliott artist Stormcast Eternals Grand Alliance Order Age of Sigmar FB Песочница Sons of Behemat hi-res репост ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

Чуть больше размер и без лого как здесь

 Ж ¡ггЖ 'У A\,Thomas Elliott,artist,Stormcast Eternals,Grand Alliance Order,Age of Sigmar,Warhammer Fantasy,Warhammer FB,FB Песочница,фэндомы,Sons of Behemat,hi-res,репост

Sons of Behemat Battle Scene

"I’ve been extremely excited to share this picture and can now finally show the world. Here is a double page spread for the brand new ‘Sons of Behemat’ battle tome. Doing this picture was great fun, as you all know I’m a huge fan of giant monster films and this picture was a great opertunity to capture the earth shattering destruction when giant creatures go to war and the terrifying prospect of facing off against them with nothing but combat weapons and balls of steel."


govy9807 artist FB Песочница art Lokhir Fellheart Dark Elves ...warhammer FB фэндомы 

govy9807,artist,warhammer FB,FB Песочница,фэндомы,art,арт,Lokhir Fellheart,Dark Elves

govy9807 artist Monty Python and the Holy Grail monty python art Bretonnia FB Песочница crossover ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы 

King of Bretonnia and The Holy Grail

govy9807,artist,Monty Python and the Holy Grail,monty python,art,арт,Bretonnia,Warhammer Fantasy,Warhammer FB,FB Песочница,фэндомы,crossover

FB Песочница WarpBeacon Wh Video Warhammer 40000 Wh Песочница ...Warhammer Fantasy фэндомы