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Под недавним постом с артом a20t43c бьіло обсуждение на тему лазеров у амазонок и т.д. тут єта тема раскрьіта


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Позиции Воинов Хаоса

 The Frisid Wasteland lronfrost Glacier '[ rtv Bloodfire Faj lo%% The Blood Marshes rrollheim Mountains ' froll Cou&rv Chimei iateau Nordland Tht Middle \\ountainsf lUr The^Claw^ SooiV*^- Chaos :ePpes '?cljUnd Gash Kadrak. Ancient Giant Lands/ Goast of) Tyonesse. ,ids of

Архаон - The Writhing Fortress 

Кхолек - The Challenge Stone 

Сигвальд - Palace of Princes

Бе'Лакор - Isle of Wights


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Коректировки позиций

The Frigid Wasteland Ironfrc^t Glacier^ Bloodfire Falls The В IqodMatshes' jTroUheim Mountains Ш Гг oil Country The ÍI Curseí The BTack Flood; Chimen* Plateau Nordland River ■ \\ Tl.rskoy Albion* The Middle Mountains? Southed эе' Chaos. 'Laurelor V Forest, Oferdian Peaks ePpes

Крок-гар - The Golden Tower 

Даниєль - Forest of Decay 

Малус - Black Rock (owns Hag Graef)


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Позиции Зверолюдов

The Frigid Wasteland Ironfrost Glacier \) Thé Blood Marshes Tollheim Mountains KcAofWAlicc1 The Black Flood- Chimera Plateau /sJordland Albion* Th« Middle Mounuinsf SootV«^' CWao^ :ePpes ‘oast Gash Kadrak. Ancient Giant Landsi ft A PcakrPas« ;4 Coast of\ ^XLyonessc. k

Кхарзак Одноглазый - The Black Pit

Малагор Предвестник Бедствий - Sunken Khernarch

Моргур Повелитель Черепов - Montenas

Таурокс, Медный Бык - Clar Karond


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Позиции Королевства Огров

The Frigid Wasteland Bl^dfiteTalls Ironfrost Glacier \) Thé Blood Marshes 'rollheim Mountains KcAofWAlicc1 The Black Flood- Chimera Plateau Kjordland /V Albion' Th« Middle Mountains? Soo^n'b' CWao^ ObsrdiSn Peaks .C-ClaW« I'W' :ePpes timt Gash Kadrak. Ancient Giant Landsi

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Start positions of Grand Cathay in Immortal Empires

The Frigid Wasteland lronfro|t Glacier v The Blood Marshes' ¿TYollheim Mountains The Black Flood; [roll Count! Chimerà Plateau /^ordland Albion* The Middle Moontainsf ObsfHra'n^ Peats CHAOS. ¿¿ClaWi :ePpes imt Gash Kadrak. Ancient Giant Land Si PeaßvSs- ^:oast of\ yönessc-