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Legendary Lords:		
Astragoth Ironhand ä mm	-#	LO RE: Astragoth Ironhand, High Pnest of Hashut, is the oldest living Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer-Prophet When he was at the height of his powers he was the most potent sorcerer to walk the Plain of Zherrduk in wane. His body is slowly succumbing to

Legendary Lords: Astragoth Ironhand ä mm -# LO RE: Astragoth Ironhand, High Pnest of Hashut, is the oldest living Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer-Prophet When he was at the height of his powers he was the most potent sorcerer to walk the Plain of Zherrduk in wane. His body is slowly succumbing to petrification A decade ago he constructed a mechanical device by which he is transported from place to place. His legs have long ceased to work and even his hands have replaced by the machinery grafted to his body. This engine was constructed by his slaves to plans created by Astragoth himself, and combines the undoubted skills of the Chaos Dwarf race with twisted science. Zhatan the Black item* LORE: Zhatan the Black is tie Chaos Dwarf Commander of the Tower of Zhacr and a servant of Ghonh Zhatan serves the Sorcerer-Prophet Ghorth tie Cruel, most potent of all living Chaco Dwarf Sorcerers It is said thet when Ghcrth presides over the sacnfices of Hashut the glutmg laughter of Zhatan. his general Zhatan is kept busy by his masters insatiable demand for fresh slaves The Chaos Dwarf has led many successfii slaving expecktioretothewest. cresting every Ore army that hes ^^Tordrej ÉgaÂj ackhart lealousy, Tordrek Hackhart was one of the most gifted Dwarf Engineers in Barak Varr and the undisputed master of building submersible ironcraft. Ultimately his intense rivalry with Red Brokk Gunnarsson was to be his downfall, and he was banished in ignominy for his to escape in his latest creation, a strange tentaded warship, the Black Kraken, that ha had built after a series of troubled fever-dreams. The most recent myths to surround the Kraken-ship speak of its allegiance to the Dreadfleet, though what WarShip: Drazhoat lack Kraken the Ashen LORE: The Blade Kraken, Tordrek Hackharts ingenious creabon, really captures the spirit of a terrifying sea creature - if anyone could build such a metallic behemoth, then it would be a crated Chaos Dwarf Engineer. The articulated tentades lend a sense ensconced within the abdomen LORE: Drathoath. mown as the Ashen is the lord of Azgcrfi For more than a thousand years, the dark burring spire of the Black Fortress has stood sentinel over the crossing place of the River Run at the southern edge of the Mountains of Mown and guarded the border of the Chaos Dwarf empre of ash and sidfenng It is a nightmarish place of soot, blackened iron and lagged rock, and tuning magma nns through it like Ideffocd For centuries the master of it has been Drathoath the Ashen, a twisted, poiver-huigry the brutal politics of Zharr-Naggrcrel as a miner hell smith tut has since risen to become its lord through has innate curving and bitter, ruthless ambition MOUNT: Cinderbreath (Great Taurus) Legendary Hero: Gorduz Backstabber LORE: All fame is fleeting and all glory ultimately fades away. The renown of the Hobgoblin Chieftains tends to fade away more quickly than most, usually with the help of a dagger, poison or 'nasty accident1 Gorduz Backstabber has outlived most of the other tribal leaders thanks to a naturally distrustful Lard or Hero Lords: Chaos warf Lord LO RE: The lords of the Chaos Dwarfs are great captains amongst the Dhrazh-Zharr, the most trusted and the mightiest of all the servants of the Soroerer-Prophets and Daemonsmths who are the Masters of Zharr-Naggrund They usually lead the expeditions in search of fresh slaves for their dark masters designs. They can ride on Great Taurus, themselves. -Shield -Great Weapon Sorcerer-Prophet " -* LORE: Sorceror-Prophets are the greatest of the Daemonsmths, who act not only as master artificers but also as the High Priest of Hashut It is they who led their people from the brink of destruction during the Great Catastrophe and first built the great and blasphemous city of Zharr-Naggrund in ages past, and it is they that soil command it to this very day. Their works of sorcery and engineering are legendary, from the great obsidian and basalt towers and aggurats drawn forth from the earth, and the dark iron towers raised up throughout the Dark lands, to the steam- baroque armour which adorns the Chaos Warriors of the north. All are their dark knowledge made manifest taur Lord LO RE: Army mya indude a Bull Centaur Lord - the most powerful of all the mighty race of Bull Centaurs and most trusted of all captains of the Masters of 3iarr-Naggrund. The image is just illustrative of how Bull Centaur Lord could look. The image is from AoS. Heroes: Infernal Castellan Ê LORE: The Infernal Castellan are the captains of the Infernal Guard of Azgorh. They are known to be cruel and to drill their troops ceaselessly. They wear handed weapon, a shield, a pistol and/or a fireglaive. Sometimes, they can even carry their legions battlestandard. Versions: - GreatWeapon - 2-Handed Weapon -Shields Weapon • Pistol+Hand Weapon Daemonsmith LORE: Daemonsmths, also known as Hell-Workers or simply Chaos Dwarf Sorcerors are both the pnest empire of Zharr-Naggrund with iron-fiend malice. Their lore is nrrible and ancient, and involves the weapon making and tho ternble Chaos magics gifred to them by Hashut. Combined, these create rernfying Bull Centaur TaurTuk LO RE: Bull Centaur Teur'ruks is the title given to the largest and most powerful of the Bull Centaurs, hulking and savage creetures diet are just as keen vvitted and intelligent as their bipedal brethren. Bull Centaurs serve the Legion of Azgorh as shock troops and remple guardians, and to diem was entrusted the protection of the sacred fanes of Hashut, as they more than any other had been twisted into the closest semblance of the Father of Oarkness' image. Chaos Dwarf Engineer n LORE: Toiling in the great foundry cities are masters of the craft, individuals capable of bending Skryra, the Chaos Engineers do not rely on Warpstone to create their war machines, but rather the very the Hellcannon was bom, to say nothing of tho other devices the Chaos Hordes employ in their wicked crusades against the Empire When not labouring for decades over a single object, Chaos Engineers will shoulder arms and join the ranks of the Chaos Dwarf host to slaughter those who oppose diem. Hobgoblin Khan LORE: Hobgoblin Khans are the lords and rulers of the Hobgoblin tribes of the Eastern Steepes. Occasionally die spiteful infighting and backstabbing within the ranks of the Hobgoblins will throw up these pardculaHy successful and feared killers, who will nse to prominence and style himself Khan, taking after the wilder nomadic Hobgoblin wolf-dans of the Eastern Steppes. These skulking killers can prove useful for marshalling their kin in batde, but should they prove threat to their Chaos Dwarf mascara' dominance, they will most likely end up impaled over their lord's gatepost as a reminder to others of the rewards of getting ideas above their station. Mounts: Great Wolf I Great Taurus / Bale Taurus Hr
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